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Walk for Music

MA: UX Student Project

This is a student project for Culture Mile. I am curious to explore Creative Placemaking.

How to make people civically engaged and care about the Culture Mile area?

"Walk for Music" is a project that aims to helps people relate more and feel a sense of belonging to the Culture Mile area. From our research, we realized that the office workers are the potential audience group. They work every weekday but they didn't engage with the area much. The whole Culture Mile area is surrounded by music and art. And the office workers’ need is to escape from offices and change their senses during lunchtime. Eventually, we planned to play music on the bridge in order to light up their mood when they are passing by the bridge. Since workers are passing by quickly during lunchtime. We add some interactions to let people engage with the bridge and play the music together. We hope to engage people by making it contributive, bringing it to their spiritual level.


UX Design


Winnie Wong
Nancy Obeid
Traice Yang
Lulu Fang


10 weeks

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