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After understanding of young consumers’ expressed and unspoken needs, I find out the realities that affect how they make life, brand, and product choices. Combining the facts and intuition, I suggest designing an insight that can lead to a new brand extension and communication with student consumers.


Nowadays, Hong Kong is an Asia’s stressed-out city. Increasing numbers of working people live in stress. Some students study overworked and under-appreciated. They do not have a healthy way to deal with their problems or release their tension, this will lead to mental health problems. Normally, they think that they are too busy at homework and feel a lack of energy after doing homework. However, there are so many Facebook and Instagram pages which are sharing work-related stress news and posts. It raises their awareness of relaxation through new media in Hong Kong. They share their poor work experiences and get emotional if they saw related overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated news. Therefore, Hong Kong is a potential market on promoting relaxation of study stress. “Doughnut Time” is a brand has potential to use their happy doughnuts as elixir of study stress. It should standout their unique selling point and boost their business and marketing values.

To Set the new media campaign at each and every customer touch point, communicating the values through our doughnuts, our brand image, our service excellence and in-depth knowledge of work-related stress.

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