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Gesture Money

MA: UX Student Project

This is my final major project of MA User Experience Design at UAL. I am curious to explore the relationship between people and digital money.

What if we change the way of using our digital money? What if we change the way of understanding our spending data? 

"Gesture Money" is a project that aims to encourage humans to reimagine money and build awareness of their experience in using digital money. "Cashless" world is a controversial topic nowadays. With the development of technology, people rely more on digital devices. Our experience of using money also transforms from cash to digital money. In the research, flattening and senseless effects can be found in using digital money. The results recommend adding more financial literacy and personality in a cultural setting of digital money. Also, it should consider more about using emotional touch points to understand humans when designing the future of money. Finally, the concept of “Gesture Money” was explained as a speculative design suggestion. It is a future bank based in your hand. This bank is masters in helping users understand their spending data. Without phones, cards and coins, all you need is just your hand to make transactions and sense your finance. It is time to get aware of your experience in using digital money.  

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