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MA: UX Student Project

This is a student project for IBM iX. I am curious to explore the remote working experience during pandemic.

How to create opportunities for remote workers to keep connecting, socializing and having fun together besides work?

"Sharmon" is a project that aims to create informal sharing moments and involve more physical elements of remote working. Throughout our researches, we found that the biggest change from working in an office to working remotely from home is not about the work itself, but the lack of shared moments with colleagues. There’s no more coffee break, having lunch and happy hour, our conversations are heavily focused on work only. We end up losing the sense of presence and connection with our colleagues. Finally, the concept of “Sharmon” was designed. It is a future bank based in your hand. It refers to “Share your physical moments through your monitor”. It is a mixed digital and physical team building toolkit tailor-made for remote working situations. It consists of a physical toolkit, a digital platform and a scanning app for uploading fun pieces of stuff. 


UX Design


Winnie Wong
Pat Winyoopongphun
Tsz Hoi Lee
Ann Chen


10 weeks

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