It is a campaign for Hong Kong Football Association that I designed for joining the "Tumblr U Competition" by Yahoo Hong Kong. In the final round, our team was selected to promote the Japan football star "Kenji". I create the project name as "KenjiHolic" in order to show the passion and power of Kenji. I did the interview with him and created an editorial magazine to introducing him to the public. Also, designed the poster and leaflet for offline promotion in the roadshow. It also attracted different media and newspaper to report my design. For the online promotion, I created the Tumblr page, Facebook page and Instagram page. It made our campaign go viral. Those videos, animation, posters, banners and photos also made a good engagement to let more people care about Hong Kong Football.

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《港超聯 大學女生製靚靚海報撐Kenji》


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