UX Studio Practices | Sensory Experiences

Developing critical approaches to the design of digital interfaces.

Experimenting with new technologies and methods for creative exploration in information design.

Designing and building interactive systems that respond to human contexts.

Brief 🔍

Design an experience that centres on human senses.

Teammates: 🤝Masa, Sarah, Nayla and Nancy

Field trip 🗺️

We visited London Mithraeum, Monument, Borough Market and Gabriel's Pier for making sensory maps of distinct London experiences.

To record my journey, I drew sketched and maps, took photos, audio and videos.

1. emotion map 😃

In below map, I identify my feelings of different check points by using emoticon.

Basic emotions: sad, neutral and happy

Emotion Map

When I was working on this blog, I drew one more map to see my emotion as detailed possible. So I zoomed into each stages and wrote down one sentence of my thought for each check point.

Emotion Map

📍London Mithraeum

When I was looking around the London Mithraeum, I can feel the light and sound effects. It made me feel like I was doing meditation. *From Excited to Peaceful*


Photos in London Mithraeum



My group mates and me finished a serious climb from the bottom to the top on a narrow stone stair. We felt extremely exhausted and starving after the climb. However, it was so awesome to have a virtually 360 degree of London. I took some photos about "Barbed Wire x Mini" in order to record the Microcosm. *From Excited to Exhausted*


Photos in Monument

📍Borough Market

We all felt hungry after the climb in Monument. However, our emotion turned to satisfaction after having Lunch in Borough Market. If you want to experience local food and drinks, definitely go to this wonderful market! The booths are filled with delicious smells and tastes. As I LOVE OYSTER so I grabbed half a dozen of Oyster and Seafood Paella. *From Exhausted to Satisfied*


Oyster in Borough Market

📍Gabriel's Pier

If you are like me, you enjoy nothing more than a walk. No doubt, you will love here. We walked around this part of the Southbank and found it extremely relaxed. I can felt the relationship of earth, air and water. I captured different fallen leaves on the beach. It represented the changing weather in London. Finally, we felt satisfied of our first field trip. *From Excited, Impatient and Exhausted to Satisfied*



2. Sensory map 🧘🏻‍♂️

In below map, I illustrated 5 senses that I felt during my journey in different check points. You can see that the distribution of colour showed my sensory experience.

Sensory Map - Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch

3. Ideation 💡

Below is my flow map from sense experience to ideas. After our group meeting, we generated ideas and planned to focus on light and sound experiences.

*From the Dark to the Light*

*From the Bottom to the Top*

We connect our sensory experience and experience of being a newcomer in London.

When you get used to live in London, your feeling may turn from the dark to the light and from the bottom to the top.

You will relieve your stress. This is the main reason that we planned to create a darkroom experience.

Group Map

My Flow Map

Thinking Process

4. The Darkroom Experience

Below are some photos to record our preparation of the darkroom experience.

The Presentation Photo

The Video

We projected below video in our darkroom.

*Combined different audio clips with the dark and light visuals*

Project feedback & Reflection

We received some valuable feedbacks from our classmates. They like the experience and giving presentation at a dark room. Before entering the room, they felt curious. We separated into two groups because the room space is limited. It can't fit everyone and have the whole experience together. Unfortunately, the speaker didn't work when we were presenting to the first group. We wasted some times to figure out what was happened. Some classmates suggested that we should better add some interactive elements or tasks for audiences during our experience. Therefore, they can feel the sound and visual in a more interesting way. These are useful comments to improve presentation. We are studying user experience design, not only designing a product/ object/ experience, but also design for human. We care about how the experience interact with human (audiences).

Thank you my teammates!

Team Photos


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