Final Major Project | Design overview - 11

Future Bank - Gesture Money 🏦

The final design is a future bank that provides sensory experiences of using digital money. After all the literature review, observation, experiment, interview, ideation, concept development and testing, finally it comes to the last phase - Final Design. As my design is to imagine that I can design a future bank, it's called "Gesture Money". It will provide users a brand new service and experience of using digital money. Below is 6 items that I planned to deliver in the final design outcome.


In order to give users a more realistic feeling of trying this speculative design, branding is key to enhance the overall experience of my project. Therefore, I researched a lot of design references and planned to use a 3D graphic style to be the key visual of this brand. I used a 3D hand to present our service is just using your hands. Your hand is your bank card. It aims to deliver clear meanings of using gesture as a new digital money system.


The poster will be designed as promotional material. Below is the sketch of the poster layout.

Poster layout


I will also design packaging as the delivery box to the users' home. It will give them the sensory experience to understand their spending data. Below is the packaging template.

Packaging template


I will also design a website to explain the service and pretend this is a real band that people can register their Gesture Money account. Below is the wireframe for the website.

Wireframe for website


For the presentation video, I will design it to introduce this future bank and encourage audiences to reimagine money. Below is the storyboard for the presentation video.

Storyboard for video

After confirming the idea and doing a user testing of the idea, it came to the in-depth part of developing the final outcome. I also started by mapping out the completed user journeys. Below is a demo video, which shows how users can interact with the hand tracking machine.

Demo Video 🎞️

This video shows how users can interact with the hand tracking machine for managing their digital money. It explained how to set up their "Gesture Money" and use this new system for managing their digital money.

Project feedback & Reflection 🙌

In this stage, I finalized the idea and did some prototypes for the final design. I also shared my design process with my classmates and tutor. Overall the process is on track and I am happy to listen to a lot of great feedback. This really helps me to improve my final outcome.

Please have a look at the next blog for further progress.

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