Final Major Project | Final Design: Development - 12

In the final development process, I worked my best to double-check everything. I followed the planning and start by doing the branding design, then poster and packaging. After doing the physical design, I can use them as props and materials for filming the presentation video. Lastly, I drew wireframes and wrote the contents for the website. I know it is a week that I have to put more effort into it. I hope printing some physical posters and packaging can make it more real for my project.

Working hard at home office

Branding 🎨

I designed a brand with vibrant colors and patterns, which 3D hand is used to represent the concept. I hope the colorful brand design can be different and outstanding from other existing banks. "Gesture Money" is a bank that also gives people a more friendly tone and feelings.

The hand tracking machine is also followed by the branding design.

Poster 📃

After designing the branding, I designed three posters with different skin colors to present the equality of using digital money.

Cutting the posters
Poster Design for "Gesture Money"

Packaging 📦

I also designed the packaging of the delivered spending summary. Users can open the box and get some sensory experiences.

Packaging template for "Gesture Money"
Packaging Design for spending summary

Website 🖥️

For the website, I designed the wireframes and wrote the contents. Below is the home page design for the website. The tone and feel are more vibrant. Next step, I will create the website by using Wix.

Home page design for the website

Video 🎞️

As the Covid-19 Lockdown, I can't book a studio to film my project. But I set up at home to film in an easier way to deal with that. After filming, I edited the footage by using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editing the project video

Project feedback & Reflection 🙌

Before finalizing my design, I also did a testing session with a small group of students. Due to the lockdown, I can't meet them in person, but I sent my project website and video to them and invite them to experience "Gesture Money". I gathered a lot of good feedback during the testing stage. One of the participants mentioned that she loves the way how I reimagine money, but she said it may take time to understand the gesture system. The presentation video explained it very well for the concept. It will be great if I can show more real people using and demoing how they interact by using gesture money. I think this feedback is useful. If the time allowed and the lockdown is relaxed, I would like to organize a physical workshop, so people can test and collaborate together.

I know the development stage is always the best time to evaluate my project. When I was making something real rather than a prototype, it came with more insights in my mind. As a designer, I know it is easy to find out a bad design but is harder to define a good design. I also have a lot of self-critique times to decide whether it is good or not to design something that doesn't appear in the world now. However, I believe design fiction can also provide value for future design.

Please have a look at the next blog for further progress.

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