Final Major Project | Final Outcome - 13

Presentation Video 🎞️

Finally, it came to the end of this project. I finished the design and edited a presentation video to introduce my project. Please click the below video.

Below is the frame by frame of the video. I list out a few questions for audiences to reimagine and evaluate their experience of using digital money.

Website 🖥️

On the other hand, I also designed a website, which users can demo registering this future bank - "Gesture Money". This is the website link:

Below is the website final design.

Hand Tracking Machine

Below is the hand tracking machine I designed.

Hand Tracking Machine Design

Spending Summary 💰

The customized spending summary is like a little box that can be easily delivered to users' homes.

Spending Summary Box and Handing Tracking Machine design

Something you can listen!

Weekly spending playlist

Something you can taste!

Monthly tasting box

Project feedback & Reflection 🙌

Overall, I really enjoy working on this final major project. I am happy that I can think out of the box and use a speculative design approach to design something different. The outcome is really good. I learned a lot from the design process. As a UX designer, I believe there are a lot of social issues that we should consider more. Money is a very common topic for many years. There are a lot of great designers working on money design, especially doing some digital design nowadays. More societies are transforming to be a cashless society. More and more people are using digital money. We somehow are get used to it as we may not have another choice. After finishing this project, I critically think about the relationship between me and money. The answer is quite different from the beginning of this project. I also build a deep awareness of the future of money.

Although "Gesture Money" is not a perfect design. Nothing is perfect. As a speculation design and design fiction, I believe it can help audiences reimagine money and get the awareness of digital money issues. Some great feedback I have got is that there are some privacy and security issues. It may still happen for the "Gesture Money" design and it is not possible to change the whole interaction of using money. But I would say the first time we use Apple smartphones, it also changed our interaction, expectation and experience. I remember one quote in the Speculative design book: "Critical designers create speculative design products to challenge assumptions about the role technology will play in our future." For my project, it created a speculative design - "Gesture Money" to challenge assumptions about the role digital money will play in our future.

I know there are some limitations due to the lockdown. More physical interviews and workshops would be conducted if possible. For future work, I would love to further explore the future possibilities of digital money. I hope this project can give some new insights for researchers and designers on the topic of "The future of money". If you have read to the end of this blog, thank you so much for taking to time to do that. I hope you enjoy my project and reimagine money critically.

Special thanks to

John, Emily, Mor, Alaistair, Eva, Raven and my parents

Please have a look at the project website for more detail.

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