Final Major Project | Idea Generation: Brainstorming - 8

Brainstorming & Mapping 🗺️

After all the researches, observations, interviews and experiments, I gather all the insights and start working on the idea generation period. Below is the concept map which helps me generate some ideas and directions.

Physical mapping for my topic

Idea 1 - Mobile App 📱

So what if we create a mobile application that helps us manage and learn from our finances in a more human-centered way. This concept aims to change the presentation of your spending summary. Using some products related to your habits and interests, and told you your overall spending can actually achieve to purchase your dream goods. Then, the app will encourage you to set goals and win badges, which you can compare with your friends. The system will also give your new friend suggestion which is based on your spending data. It will link you with someone who also purchases the same item as you. You can decide to connect with her and start a conversation.

Key feature: Convenient/ Understandable/ Enjoyable


I designed the storyboard and user flow according to my idea of the mobile app.

Storyboard - idea 1

User Flow

The user flow is trying to figure out how the mobile app can run with an ecosystem.

User flow - idea 1


As I used the agile design process for idea generation, I quickly designed the wireframe and prototype in order to have an idea testing and feedback session with users.


After discussing the user flow and wireframes with my tutor, I worked on the prototype.

Idea 2 - Interactive Board 🕹️

This idea is inspired by contactless interaction with digital money. I am thinking to design an interactive board that users can use at home to check and manage their finance. What they have to do is just to tap their mobile phone on the machine. They don't need to download an app. The machine will automatically analyze what digital bank card you have on your mobile phone. Then, it will summarise your spending performance and show you the overview. You can adjust your budget and finance actions on this tangible board.

Interactive board - idea 2

Below are some reference photos for designing the tangible machine that I am thinking of.

Project feedback & Reflection 🙌

Although I have come up with two ideas, I still feel stuck. When I am developing my current ideas, I critically think of the advantages and disadvantages of my design. For the mobile app, it is true that I should not encourage users to connect to someone they never meet again. It is too idealistic to assume people are willing to meet new friends based on their spending data. For the interactive board, is it not necessary to have a mobile phone when using the board. Could we just have an interactive board that can bring people sensory finance experiences? After asking myself a lot of questions and remind myself about my topic. I finally have a breakthrough in the coming week.

Please have a look at the next blog for further progress.

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