Final Major Project | Planning - 2

In order to have good project management, I planned a timeline before starting this project. This helps me keep track of my progress and make sure my idea has strong research, data and testing support.

Timeline 🗓️

Here is a timeline that I planned for this project.

I divided my schedule into 5 phases.

Phase 1 - Secondary and primary research 📜

This is the literature reviewing period. I will conduct continuous, thorough research to find out what other researchers and experts said about the design of digital money, which can help me identify clearly the opportunities and gather some insights for my topic. On the other hand, I will start preparing the interview materials and send an invitation to the selected interviewees. Also, I will follow the interviewees and observe how people use their digital money and how they interact when they make payments. After the observation, I will use sketches, photos and videos to record the interview. The interview can help to investigate the observation's findings. Below is my work schedule every day.

Phase 2 - Synthesis ✏️

This is the idea generation period. I will transcript the interview and synthesize primary research. I will sketch down as much as ideas I have, then find data and references to support my idea. Evaluation is also necessary for this stage. I will set up different critique sessions for myself and with my tutor, classmates, friends and interviewees. It will help me to come up with a decision.

In Phase 3 - User Journeys 🗣️

This is the mapping and journey period. I will set up the storyboard and mapping for my idea. Use cases and user flow will be designed in this stage. On the other hand, I will book a meeting with my tutor to update my progress and show some ideas and designs to her. When I am working on my idea, I will also have a self-reflection to critically think about my design direction and gather some points of view to write on my dissertation.

Phase 4 - Design Process 🔥

This is the development period. I will analyze all the works I have done on literature review, idea generation and feedback from tutors, then I will confirm my idea and design the prototype. The agile design process will be included in this stage.

Phase 5 - Final Delivery

This is a finalization period. For the design, I will output the final version after finalizing the prototype. Then, I will edit a demo video and presentation. For the dissertation, I will finalize it based on my tutor's comments and submit the final outcome on 14 January.

Please have a look at the next blog for further progress.

References 📖

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