MACRO UX | Culture Mile - Week 5

Week 5 🗓: 24 Feb - 28 Feb

Brief 🔍

Design a way for people to discover the cultural richness of the City of London

Teammates: 🤝Nancy, Tracie and LuLu

Coding 🕹

This week, we tackled the problem of combining music and coding. As we need to find out what is the best way to deal with the detection, we researched online and visited the Creative Technology Lab to seek technical support. After we found out the solution by using the web camera for detection, we did a few times of the program testing. In the beginning, it is not that easy to detect the people as there is distance limitation for the camera. We had to figure out and count the bridge distance in order to find out where to put the camera. Also, some classmates gave us feedback about the privacy problem if we use the camera to detect their faces. Therefore, we found out a solution by using "p5.js" - a JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing. It can detect the people but also hide their faces and it won't collect the facial data. Then, we are running smoothly and successfully tackled the technical part. Below are some of our processes.

The testing of p5.js coding
Working at Creative Technology Lab

Artifact 📯

After dealing with the technical problem, we visited the 3D workshop in order to make the phonograph horns. We sketched the horn outline by using Illustrator and then export it to the cutting file. Below are some photos of the making of.

Laser cutting
The materials
The making of

Testing 🛠

By completing the coding and the phonograph horns, we planned to find a bridge at school in order to demo our idea and present it to the client. Below is the bridge at school and we set up the horns in order to do some testings.

Setup at the school bridge

This week is all about making and testing and we are all satisfied with our process. We will present our process at the Interim outcomes and plan for the final presentation next week. Please have a look at the next blog for further progress.

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