MACRO UX | Culture Mile - Week 6

Week 6 🗓: 2 Mar - 6 Mar

Brief 🔍

Design a way for people to discover the cultural richness of the City of London

Teammates: 🤝Nancy, Tracie and LuLu

Presentation at Interim outcomes

This week, we had a presentation at Interim outcomes. We presented our process to the class and got some valuable feedback. Moreover, after doing some testings at school, we visited Barbican again and tried to set up at the real bridge - the Gilbert Bridge. It helped us a lot to understand how our audiences react to our installation. We also took a video in order to present our idea to the client next week.

Setting up 🛠

We put the horns at the bridge. We found out that people are curious about them, they will look at them and even more touch them.

Horns at Gilbert Bridge

Filming 📹

I sketched the storyboard and we followed the storyboard to film the video. We divided our work before we go to the shooting place. Nancy and me are responsible for taking video and editing video. Tracy is responsible for coding and camera detection set up. Lulu is responsible to set up the phonograph horns on the bridge. We all worked smoothly and efficiently.

Setting up


Below is the video we took and edited. It helps us to present the experience in a more realistic way.


We were so happy with what we had produced, the videos and interactions looked great and now we just had to prepare for our final presentation. Teamwork makes the dreamwork :) Please have a look at the next blog for the final outcome.

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