MACRO UX | Culture Mile - Week 7

Week 7 🗓: 9 Mar - 13 Mar

Brief 🔍

Design a way for people to discover the cultural richness of the City of London

Teammates: 🤝Nancy, Tracie and LuLu


Final Presentation 🙌

We presented to our professors, classmates and two Culture Mile's representatives and all in all I felt it went very well. Firstly, we showed the video we took at the Gilbert Bridge and briefly told them our concept. Then, we presented the whole design process in detail. Below is our presentation slides.

Experience 🎶

After presenting the deck, we invited them to go the bridge and experience the "Walk for Music". Everyone from the bridge felt that our idea was very nice and loved the music, phonograph and poster. They thought the idea was something that can truly engage the workers. People may care more about the area and the community that they are proud of it and feel like they belong.

Photos of the bridge experience

Furthermore, they also loved our video, particularly the real reaction from our audiences. They thought that this would be a perfect way to enable engaging workers during lunchtime in a fun and interactive way. They were very happy with our identification of the target audience and the specific designs for that – and we were very pleased with ourselves for that too.

Team Photo :)


Overall, I am satisfied with the process and result. The key learnings were "What is Macro UX?", "What is Creative Placemaking?" and "How to collaborate with the team?". I was happy with how we worked as a team, and I was happy with the work that we had produced. The feedback from the Culture Mile team was lovely and we felt very encouraged by what they said, and that they would even perhaps be interested in introducing the ideas to the team. They said that they are also working on a new project about music. It will be one of their key inspiration and reference. Moreover, I am lucky to have three good teammates, doing the work quickly and to a good standard, while sharing ideas together and taking them on board too.

The project acted as a nice break from the Macro UX project, taking my mind elsewhere and providing a different challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it was a nice way to create a side project to work on. I also learned a lot about the importance of creative placemaking in UX design, which is what I would like to explore more in the future.

Please have a look at the project portfolio for more detail.

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