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BA: Advertising Student Project

This is my final year project of BA (Hons) in Advertising at THEi. I am curious to explore the changing eating behaviours.

What if we change the "restaurants to customers" to "chefs to customers"? What if we make food delivery by adding organic value? 

"EatCult" is a project that aims to create a business opportunity for chefs from private kitchens by launching a digital platform that provides an instant match with their customers. The aim was also to change consumer dining habits by facilitating a fast and convenient delivery service from private kitchens. Thus, a new trend of enjoying healthy, home-made delicacies has been unveiled for a young generation.

In the research, customers were concerned about the price of healthy and tasty food. They found that cooking at home is troublesome, they would rather order takeaway to save time. On the other hand, most of the private kitchen chefs rely on referrals, so the new private kitchen chefs are not easy to get a job. They actually have the ability to create cooking profiles with their passion and cooking knowledge. Also, the rental of property in Hong Kong is extremely high that is a limitation for chefs to expand their market. I believe there is an opportunity to connect chefs directly with customers and build a new food delivery experience.

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