In 2016, we would like to design an “A dash of sweetly sparkle” campaign for Tao Ti Honey Green Tea by creating new headline and advertisements in order to help Tao Ti becomes a famous and younger drinks brand and much more suitable for the teenage market in Hong Kong. The main theme is "20th Anniversary x Sparkle Surprise". Young consumers have a countless array of foreign-made and globally branded products because they think it is cool. They also like Hong Kong style product which relates to their life so we can promote the Honey Green Tea with cool and humorous storylines. The campaign focuses on sparkle matching elements which can create surprise and unexpected well to target audiences.


In Hong Kong, I find out that teenage consumers love humorous and cool style "型格風" because of the uniqueness. Therefore, I suggest creating a “O2O marketing strategy”. Letʼs design a Online To Offline advertising campaign! We should think interactively! The idea is called as “A dash of sweetly sparkle” in Chinese is "蜂騷"="風騷/ 瘋騷". It is because the Honey Green Tea has "Honey" which can represent bee "蜜蜂". The headline is “拼出蜂騷火花”. When teenagers see the package with the "蜂騷" character designs, they will be interested. Each character is called as "蜂人"="瘋人". The consumers will think and search for the for more details. If the brand can create a refreshable matching game and promotion, the audiences will be attracted and discuss the brand outstanding idea. According to Hong Kong Culture, they usually use Facebook and Instagram. I suggest creating online and digital program which can match their media using culture. Some related online banners and Animations can catch their awareness effectively if it is promoted on the forum and social media. When they play in the interested matching game on package label with their friends, it can bring them to the main campaign page and provide interesting engagement to them.

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