Yahoo Membership


Acquire untapped users (new users acquisition) to drive DAU growth with sound revenue model 


Derive a sustainable business model to reach new users via 
a) Transaction 
b) Subscription

Hackday Project

Yahoo, Hong Kong


8 weeks


Winnie Wong

Bernice Ng

Snako Pang


Mainly contributed in UX/UI design, user flow, prototyping, and video production.


Lead concept definition, ideation, and helped usability studies.


Our focus

Our focus is on building a membership system that turns your phone into your wallet and redefine your everyday shopping experience.

Add all your loyalty cards to the app in seconds, collect reward points when shopping, discover exclusive offers and never miss rewards again.

Aim to make the daily shopping experience easy, engaging and rewarding.


For SME retailers,

if they want to self-develop their own membership systems, it’s not cost-effective at all, and they have limited resources and database for running the loyalty programs or making a dedicated membership app.

For Consumers,

it’s hard to bring tons of membership cards with them when they're out and about, and they even don’t remember how many membership cards they have, it brings us to think them the trouble of bringing all their loyalty cards.


We RECRUIT big and small (SME) retailers to develop the membership system.

We REWARD consumers with our Yahoo Points for every membership card and/or
transaction made through this app.

A simple and clever take on virtual loyalty-card wallet – exclusively for “Yahoo Membership” members


demo video

Main features


For SME retailers

Create your Membership system

- Develop a cost-effective integration system with complete state-of-the-art data analytic.

Invite users to join

- Build a lasting bond with customers through a digital loyalty program

- Acquire new customers

Share updates to your members

- Share the updates and keep in touch with your members

- Offer regular offers or promotions 

- Get rich customer Insights 

For Consumers

Multi-tier and cross-brand membership card

- Manage multiple virtual membership cards with peace of mind

Digital to Physical stamp card

- Streamline the shopping journey
- Reward every spending and usage with exclusive offers

Get notices for upcoming promotions

- Keep abreast of all the latest store offers (Send push notifications)
- Stay informed and participated in Yahoo membership activities



Fancy Coffee

Primary research

Behavioral observations and interviews were done in the Causeway Bay area. We found out that there were lots of people having more than 10 membership cards. However, most of them didn't carry all the membership cards in their wallet. They said that they usually can't find the specific membership card when they need it in the shop. And they also just relay on using email to get the promotions but they didn't check promotion email very often. 


We did some brainstorming and storyboards of some potential designs. After that, we used the speed dating method to test our ideas. We found that like our research findings, users are willing to use mobile app for storing all the membership cards and gaining extra rewards.

User Flow & Wireframe

User Flow and Wireframe is sketched after doing the research and analysis. It helps to define the user experience of the app. I listed out the key purposes of the app and aim to design according to the user flow.


Tentative Plan

1st stage: 
- Allow the retailers to join in “Yahoo Membership” 
- Provide the membership package to the retailers 
- Consumers join “Yahoo membership” for FREE
- Provide Digital Stamp Card
- Members can get the extra stamps once logged in account / joined events

*Retailers and consumers are required to sign up and login their membership account by using Yahoo email account

Tentative Plan

2nd Stage: 
- Launch Black Card membership
- Choose 5 favorite stores and join as a member for FREE
- Get access to Black Card Members-Only Page to get purchase discount
- Special Black Card Members-only hour


WINNER in Yahoo HK - Hackday 2018

what's more

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